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Note: Current courses are conducted in Mandarin, English courses will be here soon.

What "Invest in You" provide?

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Best for Beginners (Fundamental)

Fundamental Investment Webinar

Fundamental Investment Webinar are specifically build to educate our clients especially beginners towards investment knowledge. The purpose of the Webinar is to help our clients to built their fundamental backbone when making investment decision.

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Best for beginners (Technical)

Technical Analysis Webinar

Besides mastering the basics of fundamental analysis, technical analysis also play a vital role when strategizing our stock selection by timing the entry point through various indicators.

As the saying goes, "It is better to buy at the right time than buy at a cheaper price"

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Suitable for short-term trader

Warrant Educational Webinar

Don't understand the theory behind the metrics of warrant calculation?

At here, we shall guide you through all the warrant basics as well as educating our students on the usual trading skills which we used oftenly when trading warrants. More importantly, students will learn to leverage their portfolio by trading valuable warrant as well as  understanding the risk factor in simple steps throughout this webinar by end of the day! 

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