Fundamental Investment Bootcamp

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Bootcamp Introduction

  • Our contents are purely qualitative rather than quantitative
  • Guaranteed 100% to learn from A to Z on stock investing
  • Q&A are readily available if you have any queries

We are dedicated and commited to educate people the right way if you:

  • Have the passion to start the investment path in a correct way
  • Been making a lot losses since investing in stock
  • Want to have a stable passive income for yourself in future
  • Want to build an appropriate investment portfolio with your money
  • Want to have a second income source for you and your family
  • Want to buy stocks but do not know where to start?
  • Love to involve in stock market but do not have the right strategy?
  • Do not know when is the right time to buy or sell a stock?

Who suitable for this course?

New Investors

I have no financial background at all. Learning to invest is like another world to me. I don’t know if I can manage it, or what I should ask / expect to learn.


There are too many so-called financial mentors out there. They basically talk like some heaven's god with crystal ball which makes me unbelievable.

Overly Cautious Investors

I know that I should start to increase my exposure to more investment instruments, but I still feel more at ease to put the money in the bank. Investment is still considered high risk for me.

Experienced Investors

I have no idea about investment, but I have been investing for a while and made some profits/loss here and there. They are all invested in stocks where rumours and insider news lead me through. But my profit is very unstable, and I hope that my income will be more stable in the future.

Why You need to start invest right now?

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author

Robert T.Kiyosaki

Wondering why are you still poor now?

This is because appropriate financial planning wasn’t implement in your mind. In typical times, we usually just spend whatever we had for the things we love but often ignore the fact that there were no backup funds nor savings is there to help us when difficult times come. In Bullbearbursa, we educate our clients on how to spend wisely and plan strategically on their investment horizon.

CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffet

Why are you still lacking one-step behind of others?

Most people tends to envy their surroundings and wondering how other people get so successful. Reasons are simple. This is because they invest themselves everyday with new knowledge, mixing themselves with other kinds of people, dropping out of the comfort zone. In Bullbearbursa, we are commited to inject our clients with qualitative investment knowledge with facts and analysis.

Co-Founder of Alibaba Group

Jack Ma

Why do you make losses while others are profiting?

The psychology attitudes is what drives investors to execute panic and greedy actions when they are having losses on hand. Typically, beginners like to follow the crowd trends and start buying without even realizing what company or industry they have bought. In Bullbearbursa, we provide you techniques on screening out the best industry and ride the wave along with profits.

Famous American Investor

Peter Lynch

Why some people do not dare to invest in stocks ?

Some people may have the perception that stocks are equally as gambling or buying a lottery due to making huge losses. But the truth is that investment required you to do homework instead of blindly betting it to rise. In Bullbearbursa, we provide you the right way to select a stock and buy a stock.

Bootcamp Structures

  • 7-week Investment Education Camp Program
  • 2 hours of online course training per week
  • Live Q & A session at the end of each course
  • Students are able to socialize with others during the program period
  • There will be several tutors in the group to answer the students' inquiries
  • Students who have completed the training program will have a round of assessment
  • Qualified students will be awarded training certificates

Course Structures

1) Basic Stocks Fundamental Series

(28/05/2020, 8pm)

  • Essentials of the Stock Market- Brokerage Accounts, Stock Market Knowledge
  • Implied Warren Buffett's Value Investment Thinking Into Your Strategy
  • How to use free stock screening software and application

Q&A Session (02/06/2020, 9pm – 10pm)

2) Stock Analysis Series

(04/06/2020, 8pm)

  • Techniques to understand business turnover and profitability
  • Is the company's financial position healthy?
  • Understanding the importance of cash flow

Q&A Session (09/06/2020, 9pm – 10pm)

3) Stock Screening Series

(11/06/2020, 8pm)

  • How to pick your stock selection? We guide you in choosing the best profitable company
  • Identify undervalued stocks from specific valuation and ratio
  • High dividend or high growth? How to make a decision?

Q&A Session (16/06/2020, 9pm – 10pm)

Investment Practical Application Series

(18/06/2020, 8pm)

  • Guidance in buying point and exit decision
  • How to easily manage your investment portfolio?
  • How to be have a profitable stocks portfolio in long-term basis

Q&A Session (23/06/2020, 9pm – 10pm)

Final Assessment

(07/07/2020, 8pm)


Final Review Session (09/07/2020, 9pm – 10pm)


Anson Tan

"Value Growth is our Motto"

  • Graduate in TARUC Bachelor Degree
    (FInance & Invesment)
  • Malaysia FPAM Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 3 Candidate
  • More than 9 years investment experience
  • Currently work as Investment Consultant in one of the bank
  • Have past experience as Research Analyst in one of the financial institution
  • Have past experience in Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)
  • CityplusFM [一股作气] Program Talkshow Guest
  • Etoro Popular Investor
  • EdgeWiz Campus Investment Challenge 2015 (Champion representing TARUC)
  • Interviewed by New Straits Times Malaysia on Financial Outlook in Malaysia
  • Has been invited as a guest lecturer for investment and wealth management by many private institutions

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At Bullbearbursa, we are a team of diverse personalities with a common passion in educating the world with an easy and simple way to invest.